Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100” – A mega plan in the making

Friday 13 October 2017 - 16:00
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Highfield Campus, Building 27/2003 L/R 2
Mr Murtuza Zulkar Nain Noman (General Economic Division, Government of Bangladesh).


Given the current ambition of Bangladesh to attain a high middle-income country status and to address the expected impacts of climate change, there is a need for an integrated approach to future land and water management in relation to water safety and food security. Needed for that is a holistic plan with a long term vision and strategies commonly supported by all relevant stakeholders. The recent and future anthropogenic changes in the hydrological cycle due to e.g. climate change, construction of dams and barrages in the upstream countries in combination with increasing water demand are expected to make future water governance and management even more challenging. In this context, General Economics Division (GED) of Bangladesh Planning Commission has prepared a water centric, comprehensive, integrated, holistic and long term plan for Bangladesh Delta thus called “Bangladesh Delta Plan (BDP) 2100”. This techno-economic plan also includes a framework for its implementation with an investment plan phased out in short, medium and long term interventions. This mega plan is also prepared for Bangladesh Delta to address the changing dynamics of the climate change impacts and disaster risk nexus. BDP 2100 is envisioned to ensure long term water and food security, economic growth and environmental sustainability while effectively coping with natural disasters, Climate Change and other delta issues through robust, adaptive and integrated strategies, and equitable water governance. In this presentation I will unfold the BDP 2100 including its approach, strategies, investment plan, etc. to you all. I will also share with you the next phase of this Plan where its implementation and institutionalization is of utmost importance.


Murtuza Zulkar Nain Noman, Senior Assistant Chief, Bangladesh Planning Commission is a Development Planning Professional of Bangladesh Civil Service. He has more than 14 years of professional experience working in the field of Education, Health, Agriculture, Physical Infrastructure, Forestry, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources Management of Government in developing and implementation of policy, plan and appraisal of projects for sustainable development. At present, he is working in the organization which formulates the short, medium and long-term macro level planning of the country.

He is a Green Professional and has completed Master of Environmental Management and Development from the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra under AusAID. His area of interests includes Sustainable Development, Poverty Reduction, Climate Change, Gender & Development, Disaster Risk Reduction Management, Climate Change & Disaster Management Nexus, Climate Change & Development Nexus, Environmental Governance, Ecological Economics and Strategic/Environmental Impact Assessment. Currently he is working in the International Economics Wing of General Economics Division (GED) of Bangladesh Planning Commission. He deals with activities involving international development partners, bi-lateral matters related to economics and development along with EU-BD Joint Commission, BOP, Terms of Trade, etc., and also the macro economic analysis of the country.

In addition, working as the Assistant Project Manager of the ‘Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Formulation’ Project, he is looking after the technical inputs, design and preparation of the draft plan, project concept notes and training part of the project since January 2015. He is also working as the Focal Point of GED for the Investment Plan of ‘Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Formulation’ Project prepared by the World Bank since March 2016. Also, he works as Assistant Project Manager to another technical assistance project titled ‘Adaptation of Climate change into National & Local Development Planning’ for mainstreaming Climate Change into local and national development planning since July 2016 which is funded by GIZ. He also works as a member of the ‘team GED’ in preparation of other national level plans such as Five Year Plan, SDGs Action Plan, etc.

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Coastal seminar series