Prof. Peter Thorne

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Emeritus Fellow
Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
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+44 (0)151 795 4862



Conducting research into advancing the application of acoustics to the measurement of sediment transport processes.

Development of a theoretical framework for understanding the interaction of sound with suspensions of marine sediments and inversion techniques to extract sediment parameters from the backscattered signal.

Instrument development. Coherent acoustic Doppler profilers for measuring near bed turbulent and intra-wave hydrodynamics. The development of acoustic ripple profilers and rotary scanners for studies of bed forms and suspended sediment imaging for sediment process studies.

Recent studies have been on acoustic measurements of intra-wave vortex entrainment of sediments, convective-diffusive modelling of suspended sediments, diffusivity studies over rippled beds, a review of sediment process modelling and analysis of the scattering properties of suspensions of sandy sediments and cohesive flocculating sediments. Recent publications have been on the impact of biological and physical cohesion on sandy sediment dynamics.