Dr Marta Payo Payo

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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
+44 (0)151 795 4934



I am a coastal and estuarine scientist at the National Oceanography Centre. My research focuses on transport processes due to buoyancy-driven flows and spans river-influenced coastal environments, shelf-slope environments, and the deep sea. I have 8+ years of experience working with numerical models to understand hydrodynamics and transport processes in coastal environments and submarine canyons under anthropogenic impacts including climate change. I am currently working on the Salt intrusion: Understanding the Pearl River Estuary by Modelling and field Experiments (SUPREME) project.  The region of study is the Pearl River Delta, the city of cities, and the largest megalopolis in the world both in terms of population and urbanised area. However, salt intrusion is a widespread and dramatic problem in many deltas. The overall aim in SUPREME is to understand which conditions favour or inhibit the development of salt intrusion and the sensitivity to changes in those conditions. This knowledge will aid with estuary management and will help to identify mitigation measures. 


I believe that engaging the general public in science empowers people, avoids loss of scientific talent, and ensures future innovation. I enjoy doing scientific outreach (open days, science fairs, BlueDot festival, Pint of Science) and together with other scientists at NOC have established collaborations with artists and social scientists trying to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and general knowledge.