Dr Ekaterina Popova

Contact details

Marine Systems Modelling
e.popova at noc.ac.uk
+44 (0)23 8059 6346



I am a global ocean modeller with 60+ peer-reviewed publications in the area of modelling biophysical interactions. I lead the ocean biogeochemistry modelling sub-group.

My main area of expertise is in the impact of climate change on ocean dynamics and ecosystems.

I am particularly interested in two regions:

  • The Arctic Ocean and its transition to the seasonally ice-free state under continuous global warming and
  • Western Indian Ocean and climate impacts on its living marine resources.

As well as my scientific research, I am interested in policy and industry uptake of global high resolution modelling in the following areas:

  • Impact of climate change on living marine resources
  • Environmental risk assessment of potential oil spills
  • Navigability of the Arctic sea routes
  • Risk of oil spills in Arctic from increased exploration and transportation
  • Adaptation to climate change in communities dependent on living marine resources
  • Ocean geoengineering