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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
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I have a background in signal and image processing from previously positions in the hydro-carbon exploration industry and have also worked as an IT consultant. At NOC my main role is processing SAR and optical satellite data for coastal applications. Projects have included coastal monitoring for UK and global locations. I have used existing remote sensing techniques, such as image classification, but mostly I write proprietary code for novel and extended methodologies, for example, inter-tidal bathymetry or shoreline mapping. I also support python coding for a variety of projects, for example, Euro-Argo Rise delayed mode QC and I am currently building the infrastructure to assimilate disparate data stream to produce novel coastal ocean typologies.  I have interests in python coding, big data, cloud computing, machine learning and sharing data science best practise.


Key Skills:  SAR and optical satellite data processing, python coding, full software lifecycle implementation - design, build, test and deploy.