11 March – UK Nitrogen Fixation-GEOTRACES Expedition 2011

Anouska Panton

Anouska Panton – Discovery 361 – 10.04°N, 28.40°W

My name is Anouska Panton and I am a PhD student in the Nutrient Biogeochemistry lab at the University of Liverpool. My principal role on board is to collect and analyse dissolved oxygen bottle samples from both the stainless steel and the titanium rosette which will be used to calibrate the oxygen sensors on each. I also assist the other Liverpool scientists (Claire Mahaffey and Sarah Reynolds) with the processing of some of their samples for dissolved organic phosphorus (DOP) and enzyme-hydrolysable phosphate (EHP).

My own research is focused on coastal and shelf-sea processes in temperate latitudes using high-resolution dissolved oxygen measurements to calculate biological production and light/dark incubations to determine metabolic balance.

This cruise has introduced me to the world of oxygen minimum zones, Trichodesmium colonies and sunshine, and it has certainly kept me on my toes mentally. The range of specialities and research interests aboard ensures that there is always something new to see or learn as well as some interesting debates to be had while watching the sun go down (topics so far have ranged from the dark side of the moon to pigeon keeping). We are fed and watered almost too well and it is quite likely that I won’t be able to fit into my good jeans when I get home but I can confidently say it will have been worth it. It will be hard going back to Liverpool Bay after this!