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Whether your passion is combating climate change, conserving and protecting ocean life or equipping the next generation of marine scientists, supporting the National Oceanography Centre allows you to have a direct impact on world leading ocean research and innovation and helps ensure we continue to make global impact from the coast to the deepest ocean.

We are a world leader in oceanographic science, research and innovation. Working in some of the remotest, deepest and most hostile parts of the ocean our scientists bring a greater understanding of issues that affect our environment, our landscapes, our health and our prosperity.

With your support our scientists and engineers can continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and exploration to protect our oceans, our planet and our futures.

the NOC
Ocean Alliance

We are looking for new partners who share our common purpose and passion to explore and conserve the ocean through:

  • Partnerships to advance ocean science

    Innovation and technology partnerships

  • Ocean stewardship partnerships

    Education and outreach partnerships

By joining the NOC Ocean Alliance there are a number of ways you can support our work as an individual, company or philanthropic foundation including:

  • An accelerator gift to one of the NOC Ocean Alliance funds

    Funding a programme or piece of equipment

    Sponsorship opportunities

    Naming rights

  • Creation of a named competition or award

    Allocating a percentage of your annual giving to our work

    Gifts in Kind

Our Ocean Alliance partners receive bespoke updates showing the global impact of your support. We’ll also invite you to exclusive events that give you the opportunity to experience our world leading science and innovation, and enable you to help to shape the ocean’s future.

To learn more about joining the NOC Ocean Alliance, and how we develop flexible and mutually beneficial partnership options that achieve your goals, please get in touch with our Partnerships and Philanthropy team.


The NOC is the UK’s centre of excellence for research and technology development in marine science.

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