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Marine Systems Modelling
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My current research interests cover a range of topics associated with ocean-atmosphere interaction and climate variability / change. Brief summaries of main research areas follow:

Ocean-Atmosphere Variability. Investigation of variability in ocean-atmosphere coupling at seasonal to interdecadal timescales using various observational datasets and model fields. Current areas of interest include : a.) Interdecadal variations in the air-sea freshwater flux to the North Atlantic and their relationship to major modes of atmospheric variability / ocean freshening, b.) Causes of North Atlantic warming over the last few decades, and c.) Rapid changes in the ocean circulation in response to extreme air-sea flux events at high latitudes (Nordic / Labrador Seas).

Climatological Air-Sea Fluxes. Development and evaluation of global air-sea flux fields, in particular the NOC1 climatology. Analysis of global heat flux fields with regard to the ocean heat budget closure problem. Evaluation of various flux datasets using research buoy surface fluxes. Investigation of the wind stress forcing of the ocean.

Air-Sea Interaction in the Mediterranean Sea. Various studies including the influence of changes in surface forcing in the recent shift of deep water production in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the role of the NAO in causing sea level variability.

Atmospheric Longwave Flux. Evaluation of formulae used to estimate the atmospheric longwave flux from ship meteorological reports and development of more accurate formulae using measurements collected on various research on cruises.