Scientists investigate atmospheric carbon dioxide during a major episode of past climate change

Dr Steven Bohaty

Researchers have found that a fall in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels was a critical condition for global cooling and polar glaciation around 34 million years ago.

Launch of a vision statement for UK marine science

Setting Course – a community vision and priorities for marine research

A new vision statement for the future of marine science was unveiled today 13 December 2011, ‘Setting Course – a Vision and Priorities for Marine Research’. Professor Ed Hill, Executive Director of the National Oceanography Centre outlined the goals and priorities identified by the marine research community.

Isis rebuild gathers pace

The ROV Isis

The rebuild of Isis is gathering pace as the remotely operated vehicle is repaired following a shipboard incident at the start of the year.

It was in January near the Antarctic Peninsula, during the James Cook cruise JC055, that Isis was struck by the ship’s port propeller during deployment and was severely damaged.

Professor Walter Munk opens the new National Oceanographic Library

Prof Walter Munk rings the bell from RRS Charles Darwin

The National Oceanographic Library was officially opened today by renowned oceanographer Professor Walter Munk, at an event at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton.

Marine Life Talk – 3 May 2012

Sampling at Swanage

TONIGHT! Solent Aliens, 19.30pm at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton –

by Moira Maclean

Marine Life Talk – 5 April 2012

Tthe life aquatic (image: Daniel Riordan)

Living the life aquatic: a maritime archaeological odyssey, 19.30pm at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton –

by Dr R Helen Farr

Marine Life Talk – 1 March 2012

Collecting water from the CTD

Ecosystem effects of deep-water oil well blowouts – 19.30pm at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton –

by Charlie Main

Deep-water oil well blowouts can bring large quantities of hydrocarbons into contact with the seabed and hence the seafloor (benthic) ecosystem.

Marine Life Talk – 2 February 2012


Why are corals colourful? by Ed Smith – 19.30pm at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton –

Corals are renowned for their spectacular colouration. The proteins responsible for this vivid pigmentation are found in most shallow water corals and provide hues ranging from blue to green to red.

Marine Life Talk – 5 January 2012

Fishing for European Sea Bass

European Sea Bass: how do we restore UK stocks and why bother?, 19.30pm at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton –

by Nigel Horsman

MARS mission has lift-off


A formal project is now in place to create NOC’s new, national autonomous underwater vehicle facility. Gwyn Griffiths, Head of Ocean Technology and Engineering, is managing the project to deliver the facility, which has been christened MARS (Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems).