Marine Technology Seminar: Marine and multi-domain robotics competitions: the CMRE experience - Fausto Ferreira

Friday 24 November 2017 - 10:30
NOC Southampton - Innovation Centre
Fausto Ferreira - Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE)

This talk will cover the large experience of CMRE organizing complex robotics competitions since 2010. Starting from the Student Autonomous Underwater Vehicles – Europe (SAUC’E) competition, the talk will describe how we brought together different domains (sea, land and air) in the world’s first multi-domain robotics competition, euRathlon 2015 and its follow up European Robotics League Emergency 2017. Results and success stories will be illustrated  with a particular focus on the marine domain and in the connection academia-industry. How to transform a competition in an opportunity to raise robotics awareness among the general public as well as to create a forum involving companies and sponsors will also be addressed. Finally, future plans will be presented.

The Innovation Centre can be reached via the workshops/stores corridor on the ground floor, and a sign to the Hub is about 100 m down that corridor on the right. Go up the stairs and through the door and turn right. Note that the access door to the Innovation Centre Hub is security-locked, but we will ensure it is monitored so attendees can be let in promptly. 

We only have seating capacity of about 30 in the Innovation Centre Hub, so be aware that if we exceed this it will be standing room only. There will be opportunities for informal discussions over doughnuts in the Innovation Centre Hub before and after the talks. 

Seminar category: 
Marine Technology