Boaty’s epic adventures beneath the Filchner and Ronne Ice-Shelves in the Antarctic

Friday 25 May 2018 - 10:30 to 11:30
NOC Southampton - Innovation Centre
Steve McPhail

 “Boaty’s epic adventures beneath the Filchner and Ronne Ice-Shelves in the Antarctic" - Steve McPhail, NOC



Steve McPhail led the development of the Autosub6000 and ALR AUVS, and currently heads the team developing the next variant on the ALR, ALR1500. 

During a career of 37 years he has participated in far too many science cruises to remember, supporting platforms ranging from free fall sea-bed penetrators to AUVs navigating under ice shelves.




Steve will be presenting an account of Boaty's recent adventures beneath the Filchner and Ronne Ice-Shelves in the Antarctic.  From NOCNews article:

"From January to February 2018, the Autosub Long-Range (Boaty!) was deployed in the southern Weddell Sea during RV Polarsterncruise PS111 as part of the Filchner Ice Shelf System (FISS) Project – a collaboration involving leading UK research institutions including the NOC, British Antarctic Survey (BAS), Met Office Hadley CentreUniversity College LondonUniversity of Exeter and Oxford University, and international partners including Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), and University of Bergen (UiB). The AUV plays a critical role in the project that aims to investigate and describe the current state of the complex atmosphere-ice-ocean system.

‘Boaty’ spent a total of 51 hours under the Antarctic ice, travelling 108km over the duration of the deployment. The vehicle reached water depths of 944m, and spent 20 hours exploring beneath a section of the ice shelf that was 550m thick."


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