Science communication workshop

Wednesday 10 July 2019 - 14:00 to 15:30
NOC Liverpool - Nicholson Lecture Theatre (University of Liverpool).
Dr Ana Payo Payo (University of Aberdeen)

Ana Payo Payo is an adventure-lover, scientist and speaker who advocates for diversity, science and climate action. With a strong scientific background, Ana understands that science needs to be at the forefront of scientific action. Ana works as a theoretical ecology research fellow at the University of Aberdeen. Her research links theoretical and empirical ecology to inform biodiversity conservation. Ana believes that, for science to shape people’s actions, it needs to be communicated effectively. She helps scientists and organisations to communicate their science through innovative performing arts. In 2018, she hosted her own science stand-up comedy TV show. During the workshop, we will develop public speaking skills and discuss how to better interact and pitch our messages to different audiences including media. 

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