MIZ – the marginal ice zone: Seasonal and synoptic timescales

Wednesday 4 November 2020 - 14:00 to 15:00
Virtual / VC
Prof. William Perrie, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada

You can join by smart phone or computer by clicking the link,  https://ukri.zoom.us/j/95530597173 .Please turn off your video and mute your microphone once the presentation starts. You’ll be invited to unmute and ask questions after the presentation or you can use the chat facility, raise hands button throughout.

Abstract: Climate change is bringing change to the Arctic. This affects a wide range of human activities such as first nations communities, marine transport, resource extraction, creational activities in the north, etc. Climate change also particularly affects the sea ice. In this presentation, we focus on sea ice, describing some recent results for observations and modelling. Observations are from satellite remote sensing, using Canada’s series of RADARSAT satellites which have operated continuously since 1995 and have been able to provide information about primarily ice detection, but also about sea ice properties such as ice types, melt ponds on ice, ice strain and deformation. Modelling studies have included synoptic scales, involving detailed dynamical models for studies of the interactions between waves and ice, driven by Arctic storms and high wind events. Longer seasonal time scale studies are statistical, based on hemispheric-scale coupling between the North Pacific Oscillation, winds and sea ice and related atmospheric and oceanic factors.

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