LISCO: Maritime Activities in Liverpool

Wednesday 2 December 2020 - 14:00 to 15:00
Virtual / VC
Russell Bird & Simone Dürr

Maritime Activities in Liverpool, 2 virtual talks from LISCO
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Come join us for a series of short talks from researchers in LISCO to find out what your colleagues do!

Our theme for today will be “Maritime Activities in Liverpool” considering: Port operations and research into water quality / biofouling.

We’ll kick off with an external speaker from Peel Ports Group, whose interests are aligned with the LISCO Ports and Maritime Industry theme. Russell Bird is the Group Hydrographic and Dredging Manager. He’ll give an overview of “Research needs in Liverpool port.”

Simone Dürr, theme lead for Sea and Society within LISCO, will then present on “New developments in non-toxic antifouling approaches”. Simone is from the School of Biological and Environmental Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University. Her expertise is in biofouling and antifouling.

Each talk will last 10 mins with 10 mins for Q&A. We hope you use this opportunity to find out more about the research interests of LISCO members and take the opportunity to build new collaborations.

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