Harnessing the data revolution to boost the model-based decision-making in coastal engineering

Wednesday 3 October 2018 - 14:00 to 15:00
NOC Liverpool - Nicholson Lecture Theatre (University of Liverpool).
Dr Ruo-Qian Wang (University of Dundee,UK)

In the big data era, it is still difficult to rely on the model-based design to mitigate natural hazards, optimise infrastructure planning, and address urban environmental problems. On the one hand, we lack tools to mine and fuse the growing big data to improve the numerical model. On the other hand, we have difficulties to use the high-fidelity models to support decision-making. As data science and data-driven algorithms emerge, there is an opportunity to apply and develop a suite of new methods to connect data, especially the unconventional big data, and high-fidelity models in order to address the model-based decision-making issues of urban and coastal infrastructure design. My talk will focus on my existing studies of big-data monitoring of urban floods and data-driven analysis for coastal infrastructure optimization. The talk will also show my vision about the future development of data-driven analysis in civil engineering.


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