Changing shores, 4 talks from LISCO

Wednesday 27 November 2019 - 14:00 to 15:00
NOC Liverpool - Nicholson Lecture Theatre (University of Liverpool).
Researchers in LISCO: Lee Swift, Kostas Kiriakoulakis, Simon Williams & Jonathan Green

Come join us for a series of short talks from researchers in LISCO to find out what your colleagues do!

Our theme for today will be “changing shores” considering: shoreline management, the biogeochemistry of saltmarshes, seabird adaptation and monitoring of physical processes.

We’ll kick off with an external speaker from the Environment agency (EA), whose interests are aligned with the LISCO Coastal Resilience Theme. Lee Swift is the EA’s Coastal research and Development Officer. He’ll be talking about “The EA/Defra Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Joint Research & Development Programme: A coastal update”.

Lee will be followed by a speaker from each of the three higher education and research institutions specialising in coastal and marine research that form LISCO.

Kostas Kiriakoulakis is from the School of Biological and Environmental Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University. His expertise are in biogeochemistry specializing in the origin, transformations and fate of organic matter in natural systems. He will present on “Carbon and microplastics in saltmarshes”.

Simon Williams is from the Sea Level and Ocean Climate group at the National Oceanography Centre. His research is in the development of new monitoring techniques and data analysis to observe elevation change of both land and water. He will present on “Ground Based GNSS Measurements of Sea Level or Measuring tides without getting your feet wet”.

Jonathan Green is from the School of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences at the University of Liverpool. His interests lie at the interface of the traditional disciplines of ecology, physiology and behaviour, but focuses on seabirds, as these animals adapt to contrasting environments. He will present on “Seabird ecology: linking coasts and oceans”.

Each talk will last 10 mins with 5 mins for Q&A before we adjourn to the Cath Allen for tea, biscuits and further discussion. We hope you use this opportunity to find out more about the research interests of LISCO members and take the opportunity to build new collaborations.

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