Role of the Pacific Ocean in global decadal climate variability and ocean heat uptake

Wednesday 22 May 2019 - 13:00 to 14:00
NOC Southampton - Henry Charnock Lecture Theatre (Waterfront Campus).
Prof. Matthew England

Abstract: In this talk I will explore how multi-decadal variations in the Pacific Walker circulation and trade winds can impact circulation and heat content anomalies in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.  Significant redistributions of heat can result from these wind variations.  The controlling mechanisms and the fate of subducted heat content anomalies are explored in both Pacific trade wind acceleration and deceleration experiments.  I will also examine the drivers of the unprecedented trade wind acceleration that occurred during the early 2000’s, finding a link to the tropical Atlantic that has significant implications for decadal variability, and possibly also future climate change.  Links to Antarctic climate variability and Antarctic shelf circulation will also be described.

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Friday seminars