Dr Alice Horton

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Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems
alihort at noc.ac.uk



I am an Anthropogenic Contaminants Scientist with an expertise in microplastic pollution. I am especially interested in ecological interactions and the effects of microplastics on organisms within aquatic environments. In order to understand how and why organisms will come into contact with microplastics, I am also keen to understand how the connections between land, lakes, rivers and the sea lead to the input and transport of microplastics within the environment and how ecological interactions may alter the fate and behaviour of microplastics. I have published studies identifying microplastics in UK rivers and freshwater fish, in addition to carrying out studies on the ecotoxicological effects of microplastics and organic chemicals on freshwater invertebrates.

Alongside my research I am a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow leading the UK Microplastics Network (https://ukcpn.co.uk/uk-microplastics-network/), working closely to integrate academic research with industry, policy and business to more efficiently address the variety of issues surrounding microplastics within the environment.