Rona Lee’s marine life talk

credit: Rona Lee

That Oceanic Feeling – Rona Lee

Thursday 27th September, John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton (note venue)

A Marine Life Talk with a difference takes place on Thursday 27 September at the John Hansard Gallery on the University of Southampton campus when artist, Rona Lee, presents the results of the residency she undertook at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

Rona joined a research cruise aboard the Royal Research Ship, James Cook, working alongside geoscientists who use sonar to map the deepest and darkest parts of the Earth.

Plaster reliefs created by a pen recording the rolling of the ship, a work featuring enough thread (six miles) to reach the deepest part of the world ocean, and photographic portraits of four of Rona’s science collaborators, all feature in the exhibition which also includes works on film and audio installations.

These works – and many others within the exhibition – ask what it might mean to 'look' into a space so embedded within the world's economic, political and cultural spheres, yet about which we know less than the moon.