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Extreme sea levels predicted to increase along global coastlines

A new study has predicted that future global warming will lead to an increase in ‘extreme sea levels’, with consequent flood risks to coastal infrastructure and human populations.

Foreign Secretary announces UK strategy to protect world’s oceans at the NOC

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, on a visit to the NOC in Southampton

The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, on a visit to the NOC in Southampton, has today unveiled an ambitious plan to bring together all of the Government’s international oceans work under a single strategy for the first time.

Women in Engineering Day

Women in Engineering Day 2018

The NOC People Strategy has at its centre a vision of NOC as ‘a great place to work where people succeed and deliver great work’. NOC is using the Investors in People framework to review progress towards this vision and make improvements; and gained accreditation in September 2015, with very positive feedback from the Assessor.

Expedition sets sail to investigate carbon in the Benguela upwelling

Bongo nets

On 23 May 2018 the Royal Research Ship (RRS) Discovery will begin an ambitious science expedition to the South Atlantic to study the role of low oxygen zones in ocean carbon storage.

The results of this investigation will help improve understanding of how the ocean’s biology contributes to the long-term storage of carbon in the ocean.

NOC scientists set sail to investigate human impacts in the open ocean

The PAP Observatory buoy on the ocean surface

On Saturday 19 May, the RRS James Cook will leave Southampton for a research expedition to the Porcupine Abyssal Plain – Sustained Observatory (PAP-SO) in the northeast Atlantic Ocean.

Call for abstracts for the NOC's Marine Autonomy & Technology Showcase 2018

MATS 2018 call for abstracts - closes July 15

The NOC is calling for abstract submissions for the 2018 Marine Autonomy and Technology Showcase (MATS). The deadline for submissions is 15 July.

NOC scientists return to the Arctic Ocean to measure climate change threat to marine life

On 09 May 2018, National Oceanography Centre (NOC) scientists will set sail towards the Fram Strait, between Greenland and Svalbard, as part of the ARISE project, which will investigate the impact of warming on the Arctic food chain. ARISE forms part of the £16 million, UK flagship Changing Arctic Ocean programme of Arctic research.

Ten astounding marine species of the last decade

The necklace foraminiferan, described by NOC scientists Andrew Gooday, Daniel Jones, Aurelie Goineau and Erik Simon-Lledó, has made it onto the top-ten list of newly-described marine species of 2017, one of two top-ten lists compiled by the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) to celebrate a decade

Changes to NOC Strategic Business Development Leadership

Kevin Forshaw, Associate Director Enterprise and Research Impact, will be leaving the National Oceanography Centre on 20 July to take up a position with the University of Plymouth, as Director of Industrial and Strategic Partnerships within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Ocean science high on the agenda for Commonwealth leaders

The NOC has this month been at the centre of a number of high profile government announcements regarding the future management and protection of the ocean.