Marine Life talk

Marine Life talks are listed below.

Marine Life Talk at NOC in Southampton

Mitten crab

6 March 2014 – Dr Paul F Clark, Natural History Museum

Crabs, eels and rubbish: long term studies on the River Thames

Marine Life Talk at NOC in Southampton – 6 February 2013


6 February 2014 –

Jellyfish: a global perspective – Mike Blackett

Marine Life Talk at NOC

All Saints Church, Dunwich – before and after 100 years of coastal erosion

5 December 2013 –

Britain’s Atlantis – Dunwich, Suffolk – Coastal Erosion, Archaeology and Ultra-high resolution sonar imaging –

Marine Life Talk at NOC – 3 October 2013

Remains of U-boat abandoned on the Kentish Marshes in 1921

3 October 2013 –

Shipwrecks: the English climate and the English landscape –

Climate change and recycling are nothing new, and both played their part in destroying ships and revealing or preserving their remains in unexpected locations.

Marine Life Talk at NOC – 5 September 2013

Launching Isis ROV

5 September 2013 –

Robots in the Ocean: How technology is changing the way we measure our oceans

by Maaten Furlong

TONIGHT! Marine Life Talk at NOC – 1 August 2013

Marine life of the Gorringe Bank

1 August 2013 –

Marine life of the Gorringe Bank: uncovering secrets at abyssal depths

by Rui Vieira –

Seamounts are underwater mountains rising more than 1000m from the abyssal plain. These are exceptional areas of biodiversity and hotspots of endemic species.

4 July 2013 – Marine Life Talk and book signing

On Gaia: A critical investigation of the relationship between Life and Earth

Life and environment: An evaluation of the Gaia Hypothesis

by Professor Toby Tyrrell –

Toby will be signing copies of his book from 6.30pm

Marine Life Talk – 6 June 2013

Diving survey team at work in the Galapagos

Galapagos marine invaders –

by Dr Ken Collins –

Marine Life Talk – 2 May 2013

The onion with water

Engineering for measurement and sampling of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth, Antarctica: Trials and tribulations

by Dr Matt Mowlem –

Marine Life Talk – 4 April 2013

Basket stars

Rigs, robots and deep-sea life: highlights from the SERPENT project –

by Dr Dan Jones –