Marine Life talk

Marine Life talks are listed below.

Marine Life Talk at NOC – 3 October 2013

Remains of U-boat abandoned on the Kentish Marshes in 1921

3 October 2013 –

Shipwrecks: the English climate and the English landscape –

Climate change and recycling are nothing new, and both played their part in destroying ships and revealing or preserving their remains in unexpected locations.

Marine Life Talk at NOC – 5 September 2013

Launching Isis ROV

5 September 2013 –

Robots in the Ocean: How technology is changing the way we measure our oceans

by Maaten Furlong

TONIGHT! Marine Life Talk at NOC – 1 August 2013

Marine life of the Gorringe Bank

1 August 2013 –

Marine life of the Gorringe Bank: uncovering secrets at abyssal depths

by Rui Vieira –

Seamounts are underwater mountains rising more than 1000m from the abyssal plain. These are exceptional areas of biodiversity and hotspots of endemic species.

4 July 2013 – Marine Life Talk and book signing

On Gaia: A critical investigation of the relationship between Life and Earth

Life and environment: An evaluation of the Gaia Hypothesis

by Professor Toby Tyrrell –

Toby will be signing copies of his book from 6.30pm

Marine Life Talk – 6 June 2013

Diving survey team at work in the Galapagos

Galapagos marine invaders –

by Dr Ken Collins –

Marine Life Talk – 2 May 2013

The onion with water

Engineering for measurement and sampling of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth, Antarctica: Trials and tribulations

by Dr Matt Mowlem –

Marine Life Talk – 4 April 2013

Basket stars

Rigs, robots and deep-sea life: highlights from the SERPENT project –

by Dr Dan Jones –

Marine Life Talk – 7 March 2013

White shark (© Oliver Jewell,

A journey with White Sharks –

by Oliver Jewell –

This talk will focus around Oliver’s journey as a University of Southampton Undergraduate to a full time researcher and MSc working with white sharks in South Africa.

Marine Life Talk – 7 February 2013


Diary of a fish: How fish tag themselves

by Kirsteen MacKenzie

Marine Life Talk – 10 January 2013

Mike Cassidy with volcano

Volcano trickery: How to survive an eruption –

by Dr Mike Cassidy –

This presentation brings together messy experiments, fascinating facts, incredible video clips and even some magic to help you to understand one of the most remarkable and dangerous natural phenomena on earth.