Marine Life talk

Marine Life talks are listed below.

Marine Life Talk September


Being a coral nutritionist: How does the diet of a reef coral affect its health and ability to cope with rising temperatures?

Speaker: Sabrina Rosset –

Marine Life Talk at NOC in Southampton

Marine Life Talk – August 2016

4 August 2016 – Using DNA to explore invasive species – how four letters open up a window into the world of the globe’s hitchhikers
Speaker: Steven Bourne

Invasive species are a hot topic in the contemporary worlds of biodiversity, conservation and science policy. Conveyed by humans, there are few places in the world’s oceans still untouched by their global spread.

Marine Life Talk at NOC in Southampton

The supercontinent of Pangaea surrounded by an ocean of changing pH

7 July 2016 – Using a model to understand ocean acidification in the past and present

Speaker: Ross Whiteford

Carbon dioxide released by volcanic activity could have been the driver behind the end Triassic mass extinction

Marine Life talk at NOC in Southampton

Capturing our Coast

3 June 2016 – Capturing our Coast: Empowering citizens to do extraordinary science on spectacular shores

Speakers: Dr Katrin Bohn and Ms Abbi Scott –

National Oceanography Centre Open Day 2016

National Oceanography Centre Open Day 2016

Saturday 21 May 2016
10.30 am - 4.00 pm (last entry 3.30 pm)

For one day of the year the centre opens it's doors to the public, giving a unique view into the ground breaking science and engineering undertaken on this special site.

NOC at Oceanology International

Oceanology International 2016

15–17 March 2016

UPDATED – Novembe’s Marine Life Talk in Southampton – change of date

Live foram

PLEASE NOTE – November’s Marine Life Talk will break from tradition and take place on the second Thursday of the month – 12 November 2015

Evolution, climate and the fossil record: what plankton can tell us – speaker Anieke Brombacher

TONIGHT! Marine Life Talk at NOC in Southampton

Centrophorus squamosus

2 July 2015 – The secret world of deep-sea sharks –
Christopher Bird

CANCELLED – Marine Life Talk – 7 May 2015

Marine Life Talks

Due to unforeseen circumstances there will not be a Marine Life Talk this month

Devotees of the Marine Life Talks may be interested in the following public talks taking place later this month:

Marine Life Talk at NOC in Southampton - 2 April 2015

Hydrothermal vent worms (courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

2 April 2015 – Deep-sea tubeworms and super-fast fossils –

Magdalena Georgieva PhD student at Natural History Museum, London and University of Leeds