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Cruise JC071 – 11 May 2012

RRS James Cook bridge

We awoke this morning to the sight of land (Wales) in the distance. The first land we have seen since Lundy Island, mid afternoon on the 1st May.

Cruise JC071 – 10 May 2012

Engineering tour

We will be back in UK waters shortly so underway sampling will start again. Everyone else is starting to pack up their equipment and looking forward to all the analysis of the frozen filters and samples when they get back to NOC.

Cruise JC071 – 9 May 2012

Denise Smythe-Wright

Today has been a quiet day in that everyone has been bent over their laptops securing their data, and log sheets and writing their sections of the cruise reports.

Cruise JC071 – 8 May 2012

Jacco and Greg’s FRRF

Today was programmed to be the last on site, so there was lots to be packed in. The last Megacore was completed over night, and the PELAGRAs floats were recovered after 48 hours deployed.

Cruise JC071 – 7 May 2012

Trap A samples

Time out here is precious so the nights are busy too. Corinne deployed a new zooplankton net overnight; the last one got ripped as it was hauled back on board and the Mega Corer was deployed again.

Cruise JC071 – 6 May 2012

Bathysnap deployment

The schedule was changed this morning so that PAP3 could be redeployed.

Cruise JC071 – 5 May 2012

SAP (Submersible Autonomous Pump) on deck

Saturday was so busy I forgot to write a blog entry!

Cruise JC071 – Consolidation day – 4 May 2012

Sensors strapped to CTD

Today has been a long consolidation day.

Late last night an amphipod trap was deployed, ant that will be recovered later this evening so I will get some pictures then maybe.

Cruise JC071 – Megacorers and plankton nets

Megacorer recovery

So far we have had remarkably benevolent weather and yesterday I caught the sun a little as I was on deck filming most of the day, so today I started by putting sun screen on! It has been needed too as I have spent a good deal of today on deck filming.

Cruise JC071 – launching PELAGRA buoys

Launching a PELAGRA buoy

After the actual recovery of the mooring buoy and then the sensor frame, the long job of recovering the 4km of rope began and didn't finish until late in the evening. It was not until 22:30 that three PELAGRA buoys could be deployed on a trial mission.