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Marine Information Products and Services
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I have worked at NOC for nearly 30 years in the commercial team. I started in 1992 when all we did was sell printed tide tables.  Over that last 30 years, we have evolved into being a developer and provider of leading edge marine software (POLTIPS, POLPRED, TASK, Marine Application Platform, etc.,)

My current role is heading up the small technical team which makes up half of the Marine Information Products and Services Group.  Moving into this role has allowed me to focus on the technical side of my role which I enjoy very much, while continuing to support the Head of MIPS wherever possible.

Current key areas of interest are:

  • Developing professional and robust marine software
  • Use of good programming practice within the team to create error free code
  • Tidal Harmonic Analysis and Prediction
  • Protection of Intellectual Property