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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
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Hello! I am a Geoscientist specialising in using cutting edge, high-resolution, approaches to measure and understand the interactions of turbulent flow and sediment transport on our planet’s surface. I am currently a coastal observationist working on the BlueCOAST project:

I used a mix of MATLAB, python, ArcGIS and Global-Mapper to process geo-spatial and image data and plot for presentations and publications. I use a mix of Adobe Illustrator and InkScape to produce professional-standard figures suitable for publications and presentations. I have used C++ and MATLAB to run numerical simulations using the open source Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD) engine OpenFOAM. I have years of experience in handling large datasets, from high-speed photography during my Masters and PhD thesis (using Particle Imagine Velocimetry and Infer-Red cameras), to DEMs produced via high resolution sonar (Multi-Beam-Echo-sounders), and laboratory laser scanners.

Projects worked on: (assistant)

Experience with laboratory and fieldwork equipment:

Acoustic Instrumentation:
Nortek® ADV, ADV+, ADVP,
Teledyne RDI®, Rio Grande 600khz, 1200khz instruments,
SonTeck® M9.

Sonar Systems:
RESON® SeaBat SV2 7125 multibeam (MBES) system. Postprocessing and DEM creation in CARIS HIPS and SIPS.
Seatek® Ultrasonic Range System (URS).

Sediment Sampling Systems:
ISCO® Water Sampler.
Laser In-situ Scattering and Transmissometry (LISST®).
Aquatek® Aquasact acoustic backscatter system.

Light based methods:
2D Particle Imaging Velocimetry (a Dantec® system).
FLIR® Infer Red thermal imaging Camera. Instrument setup and measurement.