Ocean Business 2017

NOC welcomes Ocean Business 2017

Ocean Business 2017, the hands-on marine technology exhibition and training forum (4–6 April 2017) will bring over 340 international exhibitors to the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton. Hosted at the NOC, Ocean Business brings together the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers in the maritime industry sector. Read more on the event here.

Ed Hill, Executive Director of the NOC on Ocean Business 2017

NOC Partner QinetiQ on Ocean Business at NOC

QinetiQ were one of the first Partners to join the NOC's Marine Robotics Innovation Centre. Bill Biggs, Autonomy Lead, discusses Ocean Business at the NOC.

The Maritime Alliance - academia and industry working together in Ocean Business

The Maritime Alliance is a San Diego, California, based non-profit that promotes sustainable, science-based ocean and water industries. The Maritime Alliance President, Michael Jones, discusses Ocean Business at the NOC.

NOC Partner AutoNaut talks about NOC Collaboration

Read more on the development of the unmanned surface vehicle AutoNaut here

NOC Partner Sonardyne talks about Ocean Business at the NOC

Sonardyne joined the NOC's Innovation Centre in March this year. Read more on our collaborative projects with Sonardyne here.

Society of Maritime Industries at Ocean Business

The SMI is the voice of the UK’s maritime engineering and business sector. John Murray, Chief Executive of the Society reflects on Ocean Business at NOC and the influence of marine science on the maritime industry.

OECD and our Oceans - better policies for better lives


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) forecasts that ocean economy will grow from $1.5 trillion to $3 trillion by 2030 - greater than the average growth rate of the global economy. This week, OECD visited the NOC and Ocean Business 2017 to learn more about the innovative and transformative marine technologies to support ocean economy.


Claire Jolly, Head of Innovation Policies for Space and Oceans commented "It was impressive to see the diversity and positive energy from so many stakeholders involved in building up the ocean economy. The passion of the ocean scientists and engineers we had a chance to meet is really encouraging, when considering the major sustainability challenges our seas and oceans face"

A visit from Canada

A delegation of Canadian ocean technology companies took time out of their Ocean Business schedule to tour the NOC in Southampton, taking in the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre and sensor development laboratory. The group represent companies working in underwater technologies, metocean, software, sensors, acoustics, radar and oceanographic equipment. Sheila Paterson, ‎Chief Operating Officer at COVE (Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship), Nova Scotia, Canada discusses the visit.

NOC Partner Steatite talks about Li-S technology at Ocean Business 2017

Read more on our collaboration with Steatite to develop and integrate Li-S battery technology on NOC's Autosub Long Range here.

NOC launch decommissioning project

In a NOC-hosted workshop today, a joint science-industry project was launched that aims to develop a guide for using marine robotic and autonomous platforms to assess the impact of decommissioned oil structures on marine life. Read more on the project here.

NOC Partner ASV Global talks about Ocean Business 2017

ASV Global can be found at stand U4.

Read more on the development of the Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) C-Enduro here and our latest project with ASV Global here.

NOC Partner ecoSUB Robotics Ltd unveils new subs

Tuesday was the first opportunity many have had to see the new ecoSUB Robotics Ltd, ecoSUBµ and ecoSUBm. The subs were developed by Planet Ocean in partnership with the NOC and can be seen on stand G12.

NOC hosts international Marine Cluster reception

Our activities started with a delegation from the Maritime Alliance receiving a tour of the NOC Facilities in the afternoon, followed by a reception for Marine Cluster representatives from around the world in the evening. Read more about the reception here.