Corporate and Foundation Partnerships

Foundations for the Future

The NOC Ocean Alliance is an opportunity to work together to generate the global science needed to support a sustainable ocean for a sustainable future.

NOC is one of the world’s top oceanographic institutions. Working in some of the remotest and most hostile parts of the ocean, we bring scientific solutions to the issues that affect our environment, our landscapes, our health and our prosperity.

Together with our global partners, our work is advancing the knowledge required to address the big challenges facing people and the planet, whilst helping corporations and foundations fulfil strategies for impact and purpose. Each partnership is unique. You can support vital projects to understand and protect our ocean, including:

  • Understanding and advising on climate change, and the oceans' potential to mitigate it
  • Increasing communities' resilience to ocean hazards like extreme weather or sea level rise
  • Reducing pollution of the ocean, including plastics and micro-plastics
  • Securing and protecting ocean resources and ecosystems which provide food, minerals and clean energy
  • Developing technologies to support renewable energy and net zero
  • Supporting overseas nations in growing their ocean science and capability
  • Educating people all over the world about ocean issues and inspiring the next generation of scientists

You will receive regular and bespoke updates showing the global impact of your support. We’ll also invite you to exclusive events giving you the opportunity to be part of our global network, and get up close to our world leading science and innovation.

We look forward to partnering with you to advance our understanding of our changing ocean and address the challenges facing people and our planet.

For information on available opportunities, please contact Holly Evans at

About the NOC Ocean Alliance

The NOC Ocean Alliance is a group of companies and individuals, united by a commitment to the ocean, who understand that the actions we take during this decade will determine the future of our blue planet and our civilisation. The funds focus on four key areas:

  • Advance - bringing scientific solutions to the world’s most complex problems.
  • Innovate - using science and technology to fuel innovative solutions to create a thriving ocean economy for all.
  • Empower - informing government policies, good corporate practices, and a step change in public awareness of the role the ocean plays.
  • Educate - a diverse world of future scientists to ensure the ocean regains and maintains its health.

Download the NOC Ocean Alliance partnerships brochure