Dr Adam Blaker

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Marine Systems Modelling
+44 (0)23 8059 6312



I am currently working on MESO-CLIP, a NERC funded project to study the effect of mesoscale ocean eddies on climate predictability.

Recently I have also worked on the RAPID-VALOR and RAPID-RAPIT projects. Under RAPID-VALOR we are using NEMO ORCA025 to better understand the variability and potential predictability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) in collaboration with partners at the UK Met Office, the University of Reading and ECMWF. Under RAPID-RAPIT we are working towards quantifying uncertainty in climate predictions, by rigorously exploring the uncertainty in climate simulations.

In collaboration with statisticians from Durham University, and climate scientists from the University of Reading, the Met Office and CPDN (climateprediction.net) we are running multi-thousand member ensembles of HadCM3, the UK Met Office’s coupled climate model, and construction emulators to better understand the uncertainties associated with model parameter choices. Previously I worked on the RAPID UK THCMIP project, completing a series of IPCC model integrations using the coupled climate models FORTE and CHIME. I also have a keen interest in teleconnections within the climate system, which was one aspect of my PhD.