Anne Brazier

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International and Strategic Partnerships Office
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+44 (0)23 8059 6789



The Secretary to the Marine Science Co-ordination Committee

Summary of Responsibilities:

To support the Co-Chairs in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Marine Science Co-ordination Committee (MSCC).

The Secretary is responsible for:

Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted

Effectively maintaining records and administration

Communication and correspondence

The carrying out of day-to-day administration as required

Acting as an information and reference point for the Co-Chairs and other committee members.


Ensuring MSCC Plenary and sub-group meetings are effectively organised and minuted:

Liaising with the Co-Chairs to plan Plenary meetings and with Sub-Group Chairs to plan other meetings

Providing advice on, and receiving agenda items from, Members

Circulating agendas and reports

Writing comprehensive Chair’s Notes for each meeting

Taking minutes of meetings, both Plenary and Sub-Group, held throughout UK

Circulating approved minutes and adding to websites (if applicable)

Contribute to meeting discussions as and when required

Checking that agreed actions are carried out. 

Maintaining effective records and administration

Keeping up-to-date contact details

Filing minutes and reports

Keeping records of the MSCC’s activities

Keeping a diary of future activities

Communication and Correspondence

Responding to all MSCC correspondence

Drafting letters and correspondence for Co-Chairs

Reporting the activities of the MSCC, future programmes of work and useful information to Members via the writing and dissemination of monthly newsletters. 

Preparing Ministerial Briefs on behalf of the MSCC Co-Chairs

Research, write and design a range of items from posters to print.


I also assist my colleagues in the International Strategic Partnerships Office in respect to meetings, events, inter-governmental and inter-academia issues.