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Marine Life talks are listed below.

Marine Life Talk – 2 December 2010

Marine Life Talks

SeaWatchSW marine wildlife survey by Alice Jones

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4 November – Deep sea ridge biology by Claudia Alt

Free admission – these talks are open to the public

Marine Life Talk – 7 October 2010

Patients to polychaetes

7 October 2010 - X-ray and CT-scanning: 'from patients to polychaetes' by John Dinley and Dr Arnie Drury

On the 8th November 1895, Wilhelm Rontgen discovered the X-ray. The developments of this discovery heralded a new era of medical diagnosis and treatment.

Marine Life Talk – 2 September 2010

Scallop (credit: Paul Naylor)

Fishing for sustainable seafood - 2 September 2010 - National Oceanography Centre in Southampton - 19:30pm -

Jolyon Chesworth -

Marine Life Talk at NOC – 1 July 2010

Deep sea hydrothermal vents – a journey to the Southern Ocean

Deep sea hydrothermal vents – a journey to the Southern Ocean

by Leigh Marsh and Laura Hepburn

Marine Life Talk – 6 June 2010

Ed’s talk on the Durlston Dolphin Project

Durlston Dolphin Project by Ed Harland

Marine Life Talk – 1 April, Oysters by Lisa Kamphausen

Oyster Gonad Histolgy

Only 30 years ago the Solent contained Europe’s largest natural oyster fishery. Today the fishery has effectively collapsed and the oyster population is rapidly approaching commercial extinction.