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RRS Discovery cruise 366: 8 June 2011


Today has been a red-letter day in the cruise calendar, with two major activities starting up. Through the first half of the night the ship steamed further north towards the Outer Hebrides, in the weather forecast area “Hebrides”, unsurprisingly. Eventually we arrived at our target site close to the islands of Mingulay and Barra.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 7 June 2011


The Shipping Forecast Cruise?

We are almost getting into a routine now as we get through the second cruise day, settle into our scientific nests, complete our fourth CTD station, start preparations for the first deck incubation experiment, and converge on Mingulay for the deep-sea coral reef collection.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 6 June 2011


Today we left the dock in Liverpool quite early, at about 8:30. We were delayed slightly as waited to exit through a tidal lock. Then we were on our way, out into the turbid, brown-coloured waters of Liverpool Bay where we carried out our first CTD station at about midday.

RRS Discovery cruise 366


On the 6 June 2011, the UK research vessel the RRS Discovery left Liverpool docks to embark on the first research cruise in a large UK programme studying the impacts of ocean acidification.

On the cruise, researchers are investigating the impacts of changing seawater chemistry on:

RRS James Cook cruise 060

James Cook at sea

On 9 May 2011, the RRS James Cook set sail from Govan, Glasgow, on a 34-day expedition to study seabed habitats and sedimentary processes in the North-East Atlantic Ocean. The team, which combines scientists, technicians and crew from five different institutes, aim to:

Final blog – UK Nitrogen Fixation-GEOTRACES Expedition 2011


Professor Eric Achterberg, University of Southampton – Discovery 361

We have returned home this week from our UK GEOTRACES cruise in the tropical Atlantic Ocean. The cruise (February 7-March 19, 2011) was part of our project funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council.

14 March – UK Nitrogen Fixation-GEOTRACES Expedition 2011

CTD sampling at night

Dr Claire Mahaffey and Dr Sarah Reynolds, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK – Discovery 361

11 March – UK Nitrogen Fixation-GEOTRACES Expedition 2011

Anouska Panton

Anouska Panton – Discovery 361 – 10.04°N, 28.40°W

7 March – UK Nitrogen Fixation – GEOTRACES Expedition 2011

Trichodesmium colony from the tropical Atlantic Ocean

Joe Snow – Discovery 361 – 02.00°N, 25.30°W

My name is Joe Snow and I started my PhD in Southampton last September. In the six months that I’ve been at NOCS my time has been spend familiarising myself with the background information for my project along with preparing for this cruise.

5 March – UK Nitrogen Fixation-GEOTRACES Expedition 2011

The ISW microstructure profiler

Alex Forryan – Discovery 361 – 03.10°S, 25.10°W

Turbulence measurements: On RSS Discovery cruise D361 turbulence in the upper ocean is being measured at every station using an ISW free-fall vertical microstructure profiler.