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RRS Discovery cruise 366: 28 June 2011


Ever since the first week of the cruise, we have been intrigued by satellite images showing a large and intense coccolithophore bloom in the northern North Sea.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 27 June 2011


It is now three weeks since we left port, with another two still to go until we set foot on dry land again. Soft fruit has of course long since run out but we are still plentifully supplied with apples and oranges.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 26 June 2011


Yesterday evening we passed between Dover and Calais and entered the North Sea. At one point we travelled quite close to a giant wind farm installed far out at sea, faintly and eerily visible through the light mist but, from where we were, completely silent.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 25 June 2011


We had a slight delay yesterday evening. Near Lulworth Cove on the Dorset coast a scuba diver didn’t return to the surface with his dive companion. He couldn’t be found and was reported missing shortly after.

Today’s blog is by Mark Stinchcombe from the National Oceanography Centre at Southampton and is about nutrients.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 24 June 2011


We are currently carrying out a CTD station in view of the limestone promontory of Portland Bill, with Dorset’s ‘Jurassic Coast’ spread out in front of us.

Today’s blog entry, again by Dave Suggett, describes work done on the ship to examine phytoplankton pigments.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 23 June 2011


Filtering for elemental composition (C:N:P)

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 22 June 2011


Unfortunately no repeat of the wildlife spectacular during this morning’s CTD station. We are now headed northeast towards the western tip of Brittany in France.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 21 June 2011


The CTD has been recovered from its journey to the deeps, and is now working again. We are all of us relieved to be able to get back to our normal pattern of work.

Emptying the CTD bottles into the bioassay bottles

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 20 June 2011


Most work has not been possible today, due to a problem with the cable that the CTD is lowered on. Thanks to some hard graft from the ship’s engineers, it looks to be repaired now and we hope to be back at work tomorrow morning early.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 19 June 2011


The last few days have seen fairly high winds and big waves (see photos). Some stops for water sampling have had to be cancelled because it has been too dangerous to lower the CTD into the water.