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Porcupine Abyssal Plain: RRS James Cook cruise 062 – 24 July 2011

Securing kit ready for the science programme

Last night the team ensured that kit was secured and ready for the science programme. Sea water bottles were lashed together, boxes stowed carefully and equipment attached to work-benches... knowledge of DIY is handy when you work at sea!

Porcupine Abyssal Plain: RRS James Cook cruise 062

RRS  James Cook cruise 062 area of operations [F: Falmouth, C: Cork, PSB: Porcupine Seabight, PAP: Porcupine Abyssal Plain]

On Sunday 24 July the Royal Research Ship James Cook will head out from Falmouth into the deep Northeast Atlantic on a research expedition to the Porcupine Abyssal Plain (PAP).

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 7 July 2011


This last blog entry is by Toby Tyrrell and Eric Achterberg.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 6 July 2011


Today is the penultimate day of scientific data collection for most of us. At 5am we measured the last of the bottles from the fifth and last bioassay. Then, a few hours later, the CTD was lowered down on the start of another long journey to the deep ocean.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 4 July 2011


When we got up this morning we were met with a surprising and rather wonderful scene (see photo). It was as if we had suddenly been transported to a different climate overnight, or to a placid lake.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 3 July 2011


We are steaming rapidly northwards parallel to the west coast of Norway. Soon we will reach our most northerly latitude, 60°N, and turn westwards for home.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 2 July 2011


Success! The strategy of moving as quickly as possible to the west turned out to be a good one. Although the rolling seas seemed to go on and on, eventually by this morning the sea was more tranquil and we were able to lower the CTD.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 1 July 2011


Today our planned programme of work has been thwarted by poor weather, with the sea being too rough to safely put the CTD in the water. We are currently running away westwards from the Skaggerak, trying to find calmer waters in the central North Sea.

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 30 June 2011


This morning we reached the most easterly point of the cruise, and carried out a CTD sampling station in the Skaggerak, nestled between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (red dot on map).

RRS Discovery cruise 366: 29 June 2011


Today we continued our sampling of the aftermath of a very large coccolithophore bloom. We carried out another transect across the bright waters (see photo), approaching fairly close to Norway at our most northerly point.