The Coral Reef Laboratory

Head: Prof Jörg Wiedenmann.
The Coral Reef Laboratory is a fully established system for coral experimentation. The laboratory team propagates and studies more than 40 species of cnidarians in a multi-compartment mesocosm circulating ~12500 litres of artificial seawater. The laboratory hosts representatives of actiniaria, ceriantharia, octocorallia, corallimorpharia and sclearactinia. The facilities of the Coral Reef Laboratory consist of a coral nursery facility in which replicate colonies of corals are produced for experimental purposes and an experimental aquarium facility for long-term experiments with reef building corals.

The Experimental Aquarium Facility of the Coral Reef Laboratory_Dr Adam Reed monitoring the water chemistry Experimental Coral Facility

The aquarium system allows experimentation under tightly controlled conditions. It also includes the Coral Reef Tank in the reception area of NOCS.

Coral Husbandry

The laboratory's activities include:




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Our research is intended to tackle the big environmental issues facing the world. Research priorities will include the oceans' role in climate change, sea level change and the future of the Arctic Ocean.



The University of Southampton and the University of Liverpool both offer a range of highly regarded undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Ocean and Earth Science.



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