Current Projects

The NOC has an extensive track record of supporting marine autonomy companies to bring about new technological developments. We have a range of current and on-going projects being carried out at the centre, covering a wide spectrum of marine technologies to be utilised across different industries.

Pressure Tolerant Lithium Sulfur Battery

The need to collect more data from the marine environment means that Marine Autonomous Systems need to be at sea for longer, requiring more power. Steatite Ltd, OXIS Energy Ltd, MSubs Ltd and the NOC are collaborating to develop a solution to this problem. As part of this Steatite Ltd led project, the NOC will be sharing expertise on providing power to autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) at depth.

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Autonomous surface and sub-surface survey system

This project will see NOC’s Autosub Long Range work with ASV’s C-Enduro Unmanned Surface Vehicle to develop a low cost, integrated, shore based method of surveying the full water column. Success in this project, which also includes Sonardyne and SeeByte, will enable long term, low-cost survey and monitoring operations for a range of applications. These include offshore energy and deep sea mining prospecting.

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Launch and recovery of multiple AUVs from an unmanned surface vehicle

The NOC will also be contributing expertise in developing Autosub technology as part of a project to launch and recover multiple AUVs from an unmanned surface vehicle (USV), led by Planet Ocean Ltd. The other partners are NOC, ASV and the University of Southampton, which will be collaborating to develop a low-cost AUV. The project will also be developing a system for launching and recovering an AUV from an Unmanned Surface Vehicle. This will reduce the dependence of the user on the availability of research ships, which can be expensive. This system will have applications in scientific discovery, the defence sector, and oil spill monitoring.

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