NOC Oil and Gas Industry Collaboration (NOGIC)

Innovative science and technology: enabling safe and efficient working, with minimum impact on the marine environment. We encourage oil and gas companies to develop long-term relationships with us, through the NOGIC platform.

Sensor array before deploymentNOGIC enables oil and gas companies to easily access valuable NOC expertise, science and technology services, in return for a cost-effective subscription fee.

NOGIC offers oil and gas companies the opportunity to partner in the development of new science and technologies, in order to reduce industry operational costs and develop unique competitive advantages. NOGIC oil and gas companies can receive these benefits.

  • Access to a comprehensive package of NOC services, administered through a single contract governing IP, licences and financial transactions
  • Access to efficient, authoritative and rigorous science research services, responsive to industry needs
  • Access to expert interpretation of valuable data-sets
  • Opportunities to work collaboratively with NOC to develop high-value projects, both industry funded and industry-public funded
  • Opportunities to work collaboratively with competitor companies, in non-competitive spaces
  • Opportunities to test software and data-products, and access a free licence
  • Access to alerts for public funding, publications, NOC company visits and events, including events at the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre.

NOGIC Service Package – annual subscription benefits

Your company will have the opportunity to subscribe to our annual service package, offering you value-for-money innovation expertise, science and technology services, enabling your company to better respond to operational challenges.

Your annual NOGIC subscription of £30k + VAT per year, will offer you a unique no-hassle ‘one-stop-shop’ experience, for access to NOC services.

  • Associate membership of the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre, which includes the following.
    • Opportunity to engage with other members engaged in the events programme
    • Use of meeting rooms and hot-desks
    • Access to testing facilities (at commercial rates)
    • Your company logo displayed within the centre
    • Marine Robotics Innovation Centre newsletter
  • Expert interpretation: providing your company with valuable data sets and ten days expert interpretation of datasets per year, of relevance to your company
  • Annual Collaboration Workshop: two-day workshop at the National Oceanography Centre including networking events, results from NOC projects, research papers and details of upcoming funding calls
  • Annual review: one-day visit to your company office by the NOC Scientific Lead and Collaboration Manager, to identify key areas relevant to your company for science, research and technology innovation.
  • Free demo software: POLPRED software for modelling offshore tides and currents, plus a free trial licence for POLPRED, and POLTIPS-3 software for predicting coastal tides.


Please contact us for further information. or Telephone: +44 (0)23 8059 6103