Stephen Hall

Head of International and Strategic Partnerships Office
International and Strategic Partnerships Office
+44 (0)23 8059 6435

Stephen Hall is Head of the International and Strategic Partnerships Office (ISPO) at NOC, the team responsible for our international relations, interaction with UK and overseas governments and the wider stakeholder community. He manages the ISPO team and leads on high-level national and international engagement, particularly on policy-related issues.

A key duty is leading the UK's delegation to the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) Assembly and Executive Council. Stephen is Chair of the UK IOC Committee, and serves on IOC's working groups on Finance, Capacity Development and Future of IOC, as well as acting as IOC's Tsunami National Contact (TNC) for the UK and our overseas territories. See the UK-IOC webpage for more.

In June 2015 he was elected Vice Chair of IOC UNESCO, representing the Group 1 member states (USA, Canada, Western Europe plus Greece, Turkey and Israel) - see

He serves on the Secretariat of the UK government's Marine Science Coordination Committee, with a focus on industry, sustained observations and communications. He is Chair of the MSCC's International Working Group, coordinating input from all UK government departments that have an international marine science remit, and is the senior secretariat staff member of the Underwater Sound Forum

Stephen also writes NOC & NERC policy consultation responses to government and EU, provides answers to Paliamentary Questions, and is active across a wide range of marine science policy issues. He was previously manager of the Autosub Science Missions programme, schools & colleges liaison officer, project administrator for WOCE and UK CLIVAR, and undertook research cruises on RRS Discovery as a tracer chemist. Stephen is a Member of the NOC Exec Board, and having joined NERC in 1990 is one of the longest-serving members of staff at NOC. He is reponsible for development of the NOC Association of marine science institutes and universities.

Before joining NERC he worked in private industry (coastal and engineering surveys) and as a hydrocarbons infrastructure and testing specialist for HM Customs & Excise. He is a Fellow and Council Member of the Society for Underwater Technology, a Chartered Marine Scientist and Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, and a member of the Challenger Society for Marine Science.

Steve regularly gives talks to the general public, schools and visiting delegations about marine science and technology, the work of NOC and the UK Marine Science sector. He travels often to share NOC and wider UK marine science capability with the international ocean science and policy community, has close working links with education and marine policy specialists in the UK, Europe and North America and is an advocate of the growing 'Ocean Literacy' movement.

Outside work Steve enjoys family time, travel, history, photography and riding, paddling or walking the hills and coast of his home area in South Wales.

He can be followed on Twitter as @saltwatersteve 

Committee and Board Memberships: 

NOC/NERC - Executive Board (2014-); Chair of UK-IOC Committee (2013-); NOC association Secretariat (2015-); NERC representative to European Science Foundation Marine Board (2015-); Marine Facilities Advisory Board (2012-); 



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Book section

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