Dr Penny Holliday

Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
+44 (0)23 8059 6206


My research has centred on physical processes in the high latitude North Atlantic Ocean.  In particular I am interested in the mechanisms that drive the variability that we observe in the gyre and overturning circulation in the subpolar region (broadly speaking the ocean between Canada, Greenland, Iceland and north-west Europe).  The areas of research that I am working on include year-to-year changes in the amount of heat, freshwater and carbon carried in the subpolar currents, the causes and effects of variability of Arctic freshwater in the subpolar region and the impact of physical variability on ecosystems.

I'm NOC Principal Investigator for the Extended Ellett Line programme, which is a long-running project (started in 1975) observing and understanding the ocean west of Britain.  

I'm project leader for the UK OSNAP project, which is part of an international programme to directly observe the subpolar gyre and overturning circulation and property transports. 


Committee and Board Memberships: 

Member of the OSNAP Steering Committee and OSNAP Data Products Working Group

Member of the ICES Working Group on Oceanic Hydrography




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