Dr Mark Vardy

Marine Geoscience
+44 (0)23 8059 6565

Mark Vardy is a Post Doctoral researcher, specializing in the acquisition, processing, and interpretation of decimetre-resolution 2D and 3D marine seismic volumes. His research is mostly targeted toward the processing of Chirp seismic data for qualitative and quantitative purposes, with particular attention being paid to pre- and post-stack 3D Kirchoff time migration. He is interested in the application of these techniques for archaeological, engineering, and geological applications, particularly seismic geomorphological imaging of mass movement structures and the identification of slide-prone layers.

  • High-resolution marine seismic.
  • Seismic convolution theory.
  • Pre- and post-stack 3D time migration.
  • Remote physical properties.
  • Submarine mass transport.



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Book section

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