Dr Megan Williams

Marine Physics and Ocean Climate

I am working on benthic measurements on the UK Shelf Seas Biogeochemstry Programme, focusing on how the physics alter biogeochemical processes.  

Prior to joining NOC, I completed my PhD studying estuarine hydrodynamics. 


Journal publications:

Thompson, C.E.L.T, B. Silburn, M.E. Williams, T. Hull, D. Sivyer, L.O. Amoudry, S. Widdecombe, J. Ingels, G. Carnovale, C.L. McNeill, R. Hale, C.E. Laguionie Marchais, N. Hicks, H.E.K. Smith, J.K. Klar, J.G. Hiddink, J. Kowalik, V. Kitidis, S. Reynolds, E.M.S. Woodward, K. Tait, W.B. Homoky, S. Kroger, J.A. Godbold, J. Aldridge, D.J. Mayor, N.M.A. Benoist, B.J. Bett, K.J. Morris, E.R. Parker, H.A. Ruhl, P.J. Statham, M. Solan (submitted),  An approach for the identification of exemplar sites for scaling up targeted field observations of benthic biogeochemistry in heterogeneous environments.  Submitted to Biogeochemistry.

Williams, M. E., and M. T. Stacey (2016), Tidally discontinuous ocean forcing in bar-built estuaries: The interaction of tides, infragravity motions, and frictional control, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 121, 571585, doi:10.1002/2015JC011166.




Balfour, C.; Williams, M.; Cooke, R.; Amoudry, L.; Souza, A.. 2015 NOC Liverpool report for the miniSTABLE benthic lander deployments as part of the UK-SSB research programme. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 71pp. (National Oceanography Centre Research and Consultancy Report, 53)