Dr Jason Holt

Head of Marine Systems Modelling
Marine Systems Modelling
+44 (0)151 795 4853

I specialise in the synthesis of model and observations to develop our understanding of shelf-sea physical and coupled physical-biological systems. Particular areas of interest include model capability and accuracy; the impact of large scale variability (e.g. climate change) on shelf-sea physics and ecosystems; and transports and budgets of water, carbon and nutrients across shelf sea basins. I have worked in close collaboration with the UKMO for over 10 years on developing shelf sea models for operational oceanography and climate downscaling (e.g. UKCP09).


NERC Funded

GOcean:2D,  Ocean test cases in GungHo framework, technology Proof of Concept, PI

Marine Ecosystems Research Programme, co-PI, NOC Lead

Integrative Modelling for Shelf Seas Biogeochemistry co-PI, NOC Lead

FASTNet co-PI, NOC lead, Ocean-shelf exchange Research Programme

Next Generation Ocean Road Map, PI: Exploring options for ocean modeling in the UK for the next 10-15 years

Quantifying and Monitoring Potential Ecosystem Impacts of Geological Carbon Storage co-PI, NOC lead

Regional Ecosystem & Biogeochemical Impacts of Ocean Acidification - a modelling study, co-PI, NOC lead

Assessing health, livelihoods, ecosystem services and poverty alleviation in populous deltas, co-I

NCEO- Carbon, co-PI, POL lead: Developing observation constrained models of carbon fluxes in shelf seas

DUST-UP (UK SOLAS) co-PI, POL lead: Modelling the impact of dust on ecosystems at ocean margins

QUEST-FISH (QUEST) co-PI, POL lead: Modelling the impacts of climate change on global fisheries

Oceans 2025 POL theme leader: NERC’s core programme in marine science.

MARQUEST (QUEST) co-PI, POL lead: Developing shelf sea capability in Earth Systems Models

Global Coastal Ocean Modelling (eScience) PI: Developing the GCOMS system to collectively model all shelf seas around the globe. 

RAPID: Arctic Shelves (thematic) co-PI POL lead: Investigating the formation of dense water in Arctic shelf seas.

CASIX: (Earth Observation centre of excellence) co-PI, Science element leader: Modelling air-sea CO2 fluxes in shelf seas

Climatic versus anthropogenic control of nutrients in the Irish Sea (Standard Grand) co-PI, POL lead: Investigating climatic variability in the Irish Sea

Marine Productivity: (Thematic) Ecosystem modelling in the Irish Sea

LOIS: Integrated Modelling phase (Thematic) Linking cross-discipline modelling capability: catchment to coast

LOIS: North Sea Modelling (Thematic) Developing multi-disciplinary shelf-sea modelling capability

EU Funded

EuroBASIN co-PI: End to end ecosystems in the North Atlantic and adjacent shelf seas

MyOcean co-PI: Operational oceanography for the European arena

MEECE co-PI: Predicting the impacts of multiple drivers on physics to fish in shelf seas

ECOOP co-PI: Shelf sea operational oceanography

Ferry Box, co PI: Instrumented ferries to support marine observing systems

MERSEA co-PI: Developing shelf sea coupled hydrodynamic-ecosystem operational models

OMEX I Researcher: Internal waves at the shelf-break


Committee and Board Memberships: 

National Centre for Ocean Forecasting (co-Chair)

ICES/PICES Strategic Initiative on Climate Change effects on Marine Ecosystems (SICCME)



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Electronic output

Luneva, Maria; Harle, James; Holt, Jason. 2013 Arctic Ocean modelling. 2013, [Output (Electronic)]

Conference item

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