Dr Claudia Gabriela Mayorga Adame

Marine Systems Modelling
+44 (0)151 795 4851

Reserach interests

  • Coastal ocean modelling: model performance and comparison to observations, using high resolution ocean circulation models to study coastal ocean processes.
  • Modelling bio-physical interactions in the coastal ocean: larval connectivity and dispersal and other particle tracking applications, biogeochemical modelling.

Current projects

  • INSITE-ANChor– INfluence of man-made Structures In the Ecosystem -Appraisal of Network Connectivity between North Sea subsea oil and gas platforms.

I am studying the spatial and temporal scales of connectivity in the North Sea using particle tracking experiments. I am specially focused on evaluating the larval connectivity of sesile marine organisms that have colonized the subsea oil and gas platforms in the North Sea. I am using LTRANS and the NEMO-AMM60 high resolution (~1.8 km) 3D velocity fields to simulate the dispersal of virtual larvae of different species.

  • CMEMS -Copernicus Marine Environment Monitor Service.

Evaluating the performance of the new generation high resolution NEMO Atlantic Margin Models with ecosystem implementation (AMM15-ERSEM).




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