Dr David Billett

Honarary Research Fellow
Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems

The ecology of the deep-ocean seabed including local, regional and global biodiversity, long-term change in deep-sea communities, echinoderm taxonomy, continental slope megafauna, bentho-pelagic coupling, seasonality in the deep-sea, abundance and biomass of deep-sea megabenthos, geographic and bathymetric zonation of deep-sea fauna, abyssal plains, continental slopes, canyons, seamounts, cold-water corals, non-hydrothermal vent mid-ocean ridge benthic invertebrates, life-history strategies, deep-sea in situ experimentation, natural biotechnological and biomedicine products, the application of deep-sea science to industry and international policy needs (International Seabed Authority).

Committee and Board Memberships: 

Legal and Technical Committee, International Seabed Authority (2007-2016). Chair Legal and Technical Commission, International Seabed Authority (2011) Chair, British Indian Ocean Territory Science Advisory Group, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (201



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Conference item

Morris, Kirsty; Jones, Daniel; Bett, Brian; Billett, David; Huvenne, Veerle; McPhail, Stephen; Ruhl, Henry. 2013 Autonomous Ecological Surveying of the Abyss (AESA):Towards a landscape scale perspective in deep-sea ecology. [Poster] In: UK-IMON International Workshop on New Monitoring Technologies:A Workshop to Prioritise Future Investment, Southampton, 10-12 Sep 2013. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre. (Unpublished)

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