Prof Douglas Connelly

Marine Geoscience
+44 (0)23 8059 6546

My main research areas are two fold: The first area is that of fluid flow from both hot and cold-seep environments. This takes me from the hydrothermal vents in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans to those of the more inhospitable areas of the Arctic and Antarctic. I am studying both inorganic trace elements such as iron and manganese in hydrothermal vents and dissolved organic compounds such as C1-C6 compounds in cold seeps. The second area I am involved with is the development of in situ sensor technologies for monitoring the marine environment. I coordinate the EC funded SenseOCEAN project and am the NOC lead on the recently funded AtlantOS project developing an integrated Atlantic observing system. I am the coordinator of the EC funded STEMM-CCS ( which aims to increase the public acceptance and lower the costs of offshore Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). I play an active role in the  ETI funded MMV project looking at the Measurement, Modelling and Verification of CO2 storage for the developing CCS industry.


Committee and Board Memberships: 

Coordinator SenseOCEAN programme, Coordinator STEMM-CCS, NOC coordinator of AtlantOS project, Interridge Group member Circum-Antarctic ridges. Member of the International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (IOCCP) Scientific Steering Group (



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Book section

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Conference item

Copley, Jon; Nye, Verity; Connelly, Douglas P.; Murton, Bramley J.; Stansfield, K.; Tyler, Paul A.. 2011 Biology of newly discovered hydrothermal vent fields on the world's deepest seafloor spreading centre. In: World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, Aberdeen, 16-30 Sep 2011. (Unpublished)

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