Dr Bablu Sinha

Marine Systems Modelling
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Broad interest in modelling of the large scale ocean circulation and the influence of the ocean on climate. Currently working on  recent changes in the rate of global surface warming and ocean heat uptake (SMURPHS Project), variability and predictability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (DYNAMOC project), the influence of mesoscale ocean eddies on climate predictability (MESOCLIP Project), changes in North Atlantic Ocean ocean circulation (ACSIS Project), changes in the global hydrological cycle (CLAW) and the impact of the ocean on extreme weather over Europe and China (CSSP-China Project). In partnership with the Met Office, I and others in Marine Systems Modelling are developing the ocean model component of the latest UK climate model (JOMP project)



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Conference item

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Electronic output

Megann, Alexis; Sinha, Bablu. Global Ocean Configuation 5.0. [Output (Electronic)]