Dr Anna Lichtschlag

Marine Geoscience
+44 (0)23 8059 6378


I study biogeochemistry of marine sediments and sediment-water exchange processes with a focus on the connections between different element cycles, e.g., the carbon, sulphur, metal and nutrient cycles and the drivers of early diagenetic processes. My main research goals are to better understand the links between marine geochemistry and external stressors (natural and anthropogenic), and the impact on the benthic environment. Examples include (i) early diagenetic processes under low-oxygen conditions, (ii) habitat development and benthic exchange processes at methane seeps and (iii) impact of high-CO2 fluids on the carbonate buffer capacity and the mobilization of metals. Currently I am involved in projects around monitoring of carbon capture and storage sites and mineral resources.

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Book section

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