Andrew Lane

Information Technology
+44 (0)151 795 4812

Database and Web Development

Website development   Completed migrating legacy websites and project web pages to new servers using a content management system (Drupal 7). Keeping web and database servers secure through regular software maintenance and updates. Developing website structure and content to enhance user experience such as responsive layouts using Bootstrap (HTML/CSS, jQuery/JavaScript).

Database management   Programming for special projects using PHP, SQL, etc.

Formerly part of Marine Physics, Shelf Sea Processes

Estuaries Research.   Contributions to the Defra/EA project ‘Development of Estuary Morphological Models’

Coastal Observatory.   Process studies and numerical modelling of sediment transport in Liverpool Bay, the Dee, Mersey and Ribble estuaries.

Measurements of currents, tidal levels, suspended sediments, marine optics.   Suspended sediment transport derived from measurements, model results and comparisons to study variations in spatial and temporal distributions. Real-time data delivery of measurements in the Liverpool Bay Coastal Observatory via the project’s website.

Numerical modelling.   Application of models to specific regions and processes to determine long-term patterns of e.g., circulation, temperature, bathymetry. Developing systems for visualisation and analysis of complex data sets. Adaption of a random-walk particle tracking sediment module for use in POLCOMS (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Coastal Ocean Modelling System), and using it to predict sediment transport in Liverpool Bay. Developing tools for use in flood defence and coastal/estuary management.



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Book section

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Conference item

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